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    Aftermath of Corona is ripping the luster of all festivals. We all are worried as how do we celebrate festivals ahead due to the pandemic. As slowly and steadily we all are trying to accept the new norms and take them to be the new normal, celebrating festivals ahead could be challenging.

    The biggest worry that could render sleepless nights to many is “how to get the puja material for various upcoming festivals?” it will be a bad omen if puja is not done or not done aptly. Diwali is not just a festival but it is emotions and the small diyas that we lit during the festival fills us with happiness and positivity. We may not be moving out and also fear getting out to buy puja stuff but festivals has to be celebrated.

    The new normal is stay in your home spending quality time during the festival and we send a box from India Sanskriti Puja Kit for you at your doorstep. The box has been made after consulting the priests, elderly people, and the Vedic Books which include all puja materials. Time to take your puja celebration to next level and make it digital. In just a click select a box and get it delivered at your door step. Also if you want to perform e-puja then we have the priest and state-of-the- art technology(Video Call) that will help in the endeavor.


    With India Sanskriti it will definitely be “ मेरे तुम्हारे सबके लिए हैप्पी पूजा सेलिब्रेशन ”

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